vivant best flower vaporizer in 2022- vleaf go on-demand on-the-go microdosing dry herb vaporizer under $100


VIVANT VLeaF GO is the best portable micro-dosing on-demand flower vape pen with 3 temperature settings and a replaceable ceramic heater.

  • On-demand Vaping on-the-go
  • Session Mode & Instant Mode for Different Vaping Experience
  • No Need Adaptor for Water Pipe- Convenient to enjoy smooth inhale
  • 3 Temperature Levels by LED indicators
  • Replaceable Ceramic Heater for easy clean and long lifetime
  • Convection Heating


vivant best dry herb vaporizer ambit-portable and powerful flower vape box in 2022 under $100


Vivant AMBIT is a portable temperature-controlled weed vaporizer with a convection heater and screen to offer quick heat-up time and efficient puffing.

  • Precise Temperature Control from 212℉to 446℉
  • Quick Heating in the 30s without Waiting for Long Time
  • 10 Session Per Charge
  • Water Pipe Adaptor Accessory (not included in the package)
  • Convection Heater


vivant best hybrid dry herb and wax vaporizer in 2022- vivant rift


VIVANT RIFT is the most powerful hybrid dry herb and wax vaporizer to improve the vaping experience on the go. Designed to optimize convection and conduction heating. RIFT is an all-in-one cannabis device to meet your different demands of cannabis material with different vaping modes.

  • RIFT Heating Element Technology- Firecore Quick and Complete Heating
  • Removable Heater for Easy Clean
  • Three Sections- Can do Flower and Concentrates at the Same Time
  • No Need to Use a Grinder to Vaporize Your Flower
  • LED Screen
  • Resealable Mouthpiece Reduces Odor and Prevent Dust Build-up the Air Pathway


vivant best flower vaporizer in 2022- vleaf is the powerful dry herb vape pen under $50


VIVANT VLeaF is a powerful hybrid pen-style dry herb vaporizer with a price under $50 for entry stoners. 5 temperature levels provide custom taste options.

  • Simple Yet Powerful with Only One Button
  • 5 Temperature Levels for Almost Vaping Demands
  • LED Light Indicator to Show the Temperature and Battery Capacity
  • Built-in Li-ion Battery
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Suitable for Water Pipe


vivant best dry herb vaporizer in 2022- alternate is the first flower vape with replaceable and rechargeable 18650 battery


VIVANT ALTERNATE is a convection and conduction hybrid flower and wax vaporizer with precise temperature control. It is the first dry herb vaporizer with 18650 replaceable batteries and best price compared with crafty.

  • Full Convection Hot Air System
  • High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger
  • Replaceable and Rechargeable 18650 Battery(Sony 18650 battery not included)
  • Super Precise Temperature Control
  • Automatic off Feature
  • Airflow Control with Reverse Flow Protection
  • OLED Display

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