Due to each country's customs laws and regulations, (specifically the laws regarding importation and exportation of vaporizers and other products we sell), the legality of our products often differ from country to country. For this reason, we strongly recommend you ask your local government's import/export authority about the regulations that apply in your country and that you comply with the law. That being said, we decline all responsibility for possible legal problems derived thereof and will not refund shipping for products stopped/rejected by customs in fulfillment of their duty and any customs fees imposed by your particular country.


Our company have the right to refuse manufacturer defect warranties on products bought through other channels than us directly or one of our Authorized Resellers. If you would like to confirm if a company is one of our Authorized Resellers, please feel free to contact us for verification. Warranty will be void as a result of any of the following conditions:
1. Customer does not provide original receipt of purchase.
2. Coils are not covered under warranty unless the coil arrived damaged and unable to operate completely.
3. Product failure or damage caused due to improper use or unauthorized repair and alteration.
4. Product failure or damage caused as a result of excessive force such as dropping.
5. Product failure or damage caused due to usage with non-VIVANT components like power cables.