As we all know, marijuana has come a long way in the last decade or so. Legalization of cannabis in some state and a general increase of awareness gives innovation place to breath. Different methods of vaping cannabis, like herbs, concentrates or oil, meet stoners’ different demands. Although, dabbing has been around for a while, it’s starting to get more traction with the arrival of vape pens that have provided an alternative to the traditional, and dangerous to say the least, process of heating a dab with a blow torch.

In this article, we will learn about how to start with the basics.

What are concentrates?

What exactly are concentrates? Extracts or concentrates, also known as dabs, are one of the more interesting wats to consume cannabis. Extracts are small concentrations of the active ingredients found in cannabis, and the state can range from solid concentrate to liquid oil. There are plenty of dab types, like crumble, shatter, wax, budder and so on. The one you choose will respond to your preference and will have to consider the vaping device you want to use.

What are the benefits of concentrates?

Dabs are becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy legal herbal products, and concentrates sales may even surpass the sales of flower and edibles within the next few years.

Why so many people love vaping concentrates so much? The popular reason is that they are a lot more potent than dry herb.

  • Increased Flavor. Concentrates taste great. Depending on the specific type of concentrate you choose, your concentrates are likely to have high levels of terpenes, which gives them a pleasant flavor. Since some ingredients have been removed, you will also be getting less of that bitter, grassy taste.
  • Stronger Hits. Concentrates are just that, concentrated. They contain all of the active ingredients and none of the fluff. Their potency is much higher than conventional smoking methods, with some wax concentrates being as much as 80%. As a result, you won’t need nearly as much of your concentrate to get the same effects as you’d expect from a much larger amount of flower.
  • Discretion. Despite legalization in many countries and states, consuming cannabis is not socially acceptable in all circles. Vape pens allow you to get a hit on the go in a discreet manner. Some people like to be able to enjoy their legal herbs without announcing it to everyone else in the area, but traditional products put off a strong and unmistakable smell. Vaped concentrates, on the other hand, don’t produce nearly as much smell.

Different devices to vape concentrate

  • Dab pens or concentrate vape pen
    Dab pens are vape pens designed to handle THC-CBD concentrates, just like out VIVANT DAbOX and DAbOX Pro. They are easy to use, discrete, and highly convenient.

  • E-nails or rigs
    E-nails are electronic concentrate vaporizers very similar to a traditional dab rig, just like our VIVANT Incendio kit. They are slightly more complex but can be friendly to beginners because the vapor is cooled through a water filter or vape mod, and if you are new to the concentrate, the heat might hit you hard.

  • Cartridge vape pen
    Cartridge vape pens have a heating element and a battery, just like out VIVANT VAULT and VAULT mini. Concentrate vape cartridges are affordable, popular, and come in many varieties as the dry herb.

  • Desktops
    Desktops are made for staying at home. They have a larger size than other types, some need to be plugged in, and in general, desktop concentrate vaporizers are meant for group vaping. Thy vapor is usually inhaled through a tube or balloon.


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