To get a premium vaping experience every time you use it, it is better to clean your dry herb vaporizers. Clean device can produce the vapor with the highest quality as well.

Before we start cleaning your flower vape, let’s begin with the problems that you can expect if you don’t keep your weed vape clean.

Cannot fill the chamber to capacity- Residual material from previous sessions will get built up over time if you don’t clean out the herb chamber of your weed vape regularly. This can prevent you from completely filling up the chamber in subsequent sessions.

The vapor quality will be affected- A dirty chamber can also affect the vapor quality because the residual material from cannabis flowers in previous bowls will get mixed up with the fresh herb from your current bowl. This can be especially problematic if the fresh herb and the residue are two different strains.

New herb won’t get vaporized completely- The built-up residue can prevent your fresh herb from being evenly vaporized. That is because some of that residue can block the heat from the oven, which means uneven heating, which means poor vapor quality.

So how to clean your dry herb vapes regularly?

A quick clean tip

Most dry herb vaporizers will come with a cleaning brush and packing tool inside the package just like all VIVANT products. We prepare all cleaning tools for all weed vapes. After finishing a session, you can use the brush or other tools to clean any material or residue. If you don’t think it is necessary to clean it every session, once a week cleaning will also keep your device in great working order.

A deep dry herb cleaning

If you are really take good care of your herb vapes and would like to get the best vaping experience in every session, you can follow the guides below to completely clean your device.

1. Take apart of the vape

To get a full deep clean you will have to disassemble your dry herb vaporizer first. In VIVANT user manuals, we teach you how to disassemble our products in details. You do need to worry about damaging your device.

2. Empty it out

Take out your herb chamber and empty out any loose material that stuck around the heating chamber. It’s crucial to note that you should not tap your portable dry herb vape over a trash can, as most portable dry herb vaporizers and pen style units have a small screen in the heating chamber that you don’t want to have to replace.

3. Brush your dry herb vaporizer

Use cleaning brush provided to remove the dry herb residue and clogged pieces from the chamber and screen or even around the heating chamber.

4. Use alcohol to better clean

After vaping weeds, some material vaporized from flowers will be left on your chamber or airflow, you can not easily use brush or water to clean it completely. Try to use alcohol combined with water will have great results.

Finally, you will get a clean dry herb vaporizer which should be in perfect woking order and you can now enjoy vaping dry herb with a good-as-new vaporizer.


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    Hello! it would be useful to make a video showing how to clean the loading chamber for ambit vivant. Thank you!

    November 14, 2022

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