When you consider about purchasing a new cannabis vape, except the appearance and functions, one of the most important factors is the price of the vape. If you are a beginner to start vaping cannabis and worried about you cannot afford the devices with high price, you could learn from this VIVANT blog to know the factors that affect the price of vapes and how much do vape cost?

Factors that affect the price of vapes

VIVANT helps conclude five main factors here that can influence vape cost. When you are looking for some new and good vapes, maybe you could refer to the following factors to help you get a desired one with the best deals.


There are lots of vapes with different appearance in the market. You can get box mods and vape pens with different sizes and shapes. The design will affect the dimensions of the vaping equipment, as well as the color options and the material it’s made from. When you are looking at vapes, you could choose the design is suitable and you really like it.

Heating Method

Dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers and oil vaporizers all need to heat the cannabis material in the bowl or tank to vaporize it. This is done by either convection, conduction or hybrid heating method. If you’re professional in vaping cannabis, you would like to choose a convection heating device because it could provide completely heating and purer vapor taste. Certainly, convection heating vaporizers are more expensive because they heat the vapor indirectly. The more complicated heating design will increase the price.


Battery life is still an important factor because if you are planning to vape for a long time, you will need a vaporizer with good battery life. Most of cannabis vaporizers are built-in with a li-ion battery and you can charge them with normal USB cable or USB-c cable. USB-c charging is more stable and fast so it may cost more than normal one. Some batteries are removable such as 18650 batteries. Generally speaking, a higher battery capacity will give you more puffs.


How much do vapes usually cost will depend on the accessories it comes with and the specific vaping device itself. If you purchase a starter kit that comes with extra components like coils and batteries, you will be paying more. However, if you’re a beginner, the extra costs of a starter kit will be worth it so that you can have an easier experience when you’re vaping.

The Price of Cannabis Vapes at a Glance

General Vapes: $30-$150

High-quality Vapes: $100-$250

Pod System: $10-$40

General Vape Pens: $25-$100

Disposable Vape Pens: $5-$40

The Best Vapes to Try in VIVANT

VIVANT VLeaF GO- best portable on-demand dry herb vape pen

VIVANT VLeaF GO       $69.99

VIVANT VLeaF GO is the best portable on-demand dry herb vape pen with 3 temperature settings and a replaceable ceramic heater.

  • On-demand Vaping
  • Session Mode & Instant Mode
  • No Need Adaptor for Water Pipe
  • 3 Temperature Levels
  • Replaceable Ceramic Heater
  • Convection Heating

VIVANT AMBIT- best portable weed vape box

VIVANT AMBIT    $79.99

Vivant AMBIT is a portable temperature-controlled flower vaporizer with a convection heater and screen to offer quick heat-up time and efficient puffing.

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Quick Heating in the 30s
  • 10 Session Per Charge
  • Water Pipe Adaptor Accessory
  • Convection Heater

VIVANT DABOX- best portable dab box for wax and concentrate vaping

VIVANT DAbOX    $59.99

VIVANT DAbOX is a most powerful portable on-demand wax vaporizer with three replaceable coil heads and a glass chamber and mouthpiece.

  • Simple Yet Powerful
  • Portable Size
  • Flip Door Design
  • Interchangeable Coil System
  • Glass Chamber
  • LED Light Display
  • Multiple Color Options

VIVANT DAbOX Pro- Wax vaporizer with temperature control

VIVANT DAbOX Pro   $139.99

DAbOX Pro is a temperature-controlled wax vaporizer with a color screen, 3 replaceable coil heads for different puffing demands, and an embedded glass water filter.

  • 5-level Temperature Control
  • A Glass Water Filter and Mouthpiece
  • Interchangeable Coil Heads
  • Firecore coil- Heating Source with a Spiral Electrical Trace inside the Glass Bowl
  • LED Screen
  • Flip Door

VIVANT VAULT- Best 510 thread vape battery


VAULT Battery is a 510 thread battery which is suitable for most 510 threading oil or wax atomizers with VIVANT accessory-510 threading magnetic connector.

  • Powerful 650mah battery with OLED screen
  • Universal 510 atomizer port fits up to 14mm wide
  • Comes with short and tall magnetic adapters
  • Precise Power Level Control


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