A vape pen was used for nicotine vaping at the beginning. But nowadays, vape pens are primarily used with THC oil and CBD vape pods or cartridges. Due to their versatility, vape pens can be utilized with a variety of atomizers that allow you to vape various substances.

What it a vape pen?

Vape pen is the most general term used when it comes to vaping and most commonly refers to a THC or CBD cartridge and vape pen battery. Most vape pens used a 510-thread cartridge connection or pod systems. This makes it easy for consumers to interchange between vape pen batteries and cartridges with ease.

Learning how to use a vape pen?

  1. Pod system
  • Fill the pod with your THC or CBD oil. (Some pods can be refilled for several times.)
  • Insert your pod into the battery.
  • Vaping method: 1. Button control 2. Draw-activated switch
  1. 510-thread connection
  • Fill the cartridges with your THC or CBD oil.
  • Screw your cartridge onto the battery. (Some battery needs a magnetic connector to connect with the cartridge)
  • Vaping method: Button control

VIVANT Oil Vape Pens

VIVANT NOMAD Oil Vaporizer

  1. NOMAD

Nomad is a portable oil vape pen with 3 power settings and a portable charging case as an accessory for convenience to travel.

  • 3 Power Levels
  • Mini Charge Port
  • Portable Charge Case
  • 2 Types of Wicking Material- Silica & Cotton


       2. EDGE

VIVANT EDGE is a portable oil pen with a ceramic coil to ensure clean and quick heating. Optimized design of airflow and heat control allows for optimum flavor.

  • 1ml Pod Capacity
  • Quick Heating Ceramic Coil


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         3. VAULT

VAULT Battery is Suitable for most 510 threading oil or wax atomizers with VIVANT accessory-510 threading magnetic connector.

  • Powerful 650mah battery with OLED screen
  • Universal 510 atomizer port fits up to 14mm wide
  • Comes with short and tall magnetic adapters
  • Precise Power Level Control


        4. VAULT MINI

VIVANT VAULT mini is an ultra-portable vape kit designed to be used with oil and wax. It uses a 510 threaded magnetic connector that allows attaching any 510 atomizers.

  • 520mAh Integrated Battery
  • Universal 510 atomizer
  • Comes with short and tall magnetic adapters

      5. VAULT SE

VAULT SE is a special edition flask 510 battery. Retain the compact size of the VAULT series, and combine the advantages of both VAULT and VAULT mini. VAULT SE is a special edition flask battery for oil lovers.

  • Stealth Body
  • 2 Power Levels
  • USB-C Charging
  • Built-in 350mAh Battery
  • Magnetic Connection with 510-threaded oil carts
  • Easily Visible Oil Level
  • Button Activated & Auto Draw

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