Still Compact, But Advanced

Retain the compact size of VAULT series, combine the advantages of both VAULT and VAULT mini. VAULT SE is a special edition flask battery for oil lovers.

2 Power Levels Option

VAULT SE abandoned complicated power levels option and only remains low and high levels which are the best choices for vaping oil from the experiment by VIVANT R&D team. Easily check the power level by LED light.

Magnetic Connection

Hide your oil atomizer inside the body with included magnetic connector. Check the oil level anytime through the side window. You can do that with all standard 510-threaded 10mm cartridges.

USB-C Charging

VAULT SE is updated to use USB-C charging method to provide quick and stable charging.

Product Specifications

Battery Capacity:350mAh

What's Included in the Box?

2* 510-threaded Magnetic Connectors
1* USB-C Cable
1* Quick Guide