Nowadays, many people would like to choose a dry herb vape for cannabis enjoying. Have you ever been worried about if a dry herb vape is safe to use? Let’s follow VIVANT to learn more about the dry herb vape.

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Will vaporizers cause illness?

There has been much controversy over the safety of vaping products during the time since the inception of them. Many in the scientific and medical communities have raised questions about whether or not they can cause harm to lungs. The center of disease control has studied well over a hundred cases of those that have been hospitalized with conditions that were thought to be associated with using vaporizers, but they could not come to a clear conclusion.

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How about dry herb vaporizer?

When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, there has thus far been no cases involving hospitalizations associated with its use. One of the main reason is that more and more people use dry herb vaporizers in recent years and they become more popular among people who like cannabis.

Dry herb vaporizers do not use any liquids, waxes, or oils and herb users are more comfortable with them. They are only used for dried cannabis flowers and heat flowers in conduction or convection method to release the compounds of cannabis plants in portable size or desktop size.

Dry herb vaporizers avoid the combustion. There is no flame, only heat. This means you can get all of the good element from your herb by the heating temperature and prevent no toxic smoke created at all.

There is also no worry about second-hand smoke, so people who around you will not be influenced. We could say that dry herb vaporizers do not pose any health risks.

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Any health benefits if using a dry herb vaporizer?

The real benefits you get from your dry herb vapes come from the way it works with your cannabis and other herbs like lavender and peppermint. Accessing certain compounds that help with many medical issues is why so many use the dry herb vapes now.

Certainly, some people use cannabis for recreational use, but to use dry herb vaporizer can avoid to vaping toxic material from cannabis plants.

Many times when cannabis is burned, it is heated so much that some of the subtler benefits of the weed are reduced, like terpenes.

The terpenes refer to the fragrance of the weed. When it is gently heated as opposed to being burned, the fragrance is much sweeter smelling and many herb users believe the aroma is soothing. Another benefit of the dry herb vapes is that the temperature of the heat it uses can be adjusted. Low heat will help to release the terpenes of cannabis better.

Medium to high heat helps to release more THC compounds and CBD compounds of cannabis. The CBD in the weed is one of the compounds that help people so much with pain.

The more THC compound that is released the higher you will get.

If you are interested in the best temperature when vaping weed, you could check our another blog- what’s the best temperature to vape weed?

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