Generally speaking, all vaporizers operate on the exact same basic concept. They utilize gentle as well as relentless warm to activate natural substances without creating combustion or releasing unsafe impurities.

Nonetheless, different vaporizers accomplish this procedure in various means. Some vaporizers use direct contact with a hot aspect to vaporize your blends, known as the conduction method, whereas others either different the herb chamber from the aspect or use a fan to push warm air with your herbs, which is known as convection heating.

The difference between these two methods could appear trivial in the beginning, however the method which your herbs are heated can have a considerable result on the efficiency of your vaporizer and also the high quality of the vapor it produces.

As such, comprehending the advantages and disadvantages of each method is practical when it pertains to choosing the appropriate vaporizer.

What’s the Distinction?

To make use of a straightforward anecdote, the distinction between conduction and convection vaporizers resembles the difference between the heating element in a pot as well as the hand dryer in a dining establishment restroom. The kettle uses a much more direct and also aggressive method to steam water, whereas a hand dryer utilizes a component to warmth air, which subsequently dries your hands.

Conduction vaporizers resemble the pot. They rely upon straight call between your herbs and also a hot aspect (usually ceramic or stainless-steel) to help with the release of energetic components. This is an extremely direct method of heating your material, as well as often supplies very quick as well as prompt outcomes. Nonetheless, conduction chambers are more difficult to manage as well as lug a somewhat elevated danger of burning, though this is typically negated by the digital controls inside a lot of vaporizers.

Conduction can also be much less efficient than convection, as it depends on all the herb in the chamber having the ability to make contact with the warm surface area. For this reason, users of conduction vaporizers frequently find they have to mix their herb on a regular basis to see to it is evenly browned.

In contrast, convection vaporizers are like the hand dryer. They also contain a heating element, however this typically positioned listed below the heat chamber, so your blend does not make straight contact with the element itself. Instead, a convection vaporizer uses the heated air relocating with your herb as you draw to vaporize, or it may even utilize an interior fan to actively press air up with the chamber.

Convection is generally thought about the mildest as well as one of the most effective means of drawing out energetic ingredients from your herb because of the consistent and also consistent application of heat.

It is worth noting, especially if you are trying to find a portable vaporizer, that most systems will undoubtedly make use of a mix of both conduction and also convection. Nevertheless, they are categorized based on the leading process involved.

Typically, the benefits and drawbacks of each are as complies with:

Convection Vaporizers


Equally heats botanicals, so there’s no possibility of unintended combustion occurring

Consistent heating also implies that conduction vaporizers are much more efficient, and make full use of your chosen botanicals

You never ever require to tremble, stir or re-distribute your botanicals.

Consistent results are easier to accomplish


Convection vaporizers warm up somewhat slower than their conduction equivalents, as well as take a little more time to generate vapor

Typically, bigger than conduction vapes, because of extra space requirements

Can be taxing on battery life

Convection vaporizers tend to be extra costly

Conduction Vaporizers



Very quickly heat-up times and also almost instant vapor production

They are frequently much smaller and much more lightweight vapes


Much more constant stirring is required to make certain all your herb warms uniformly

Increased danger of combustion as a result of herbs making straight contact with the element, along with their tendency to heat erratically

Can produce hotter/harsher vapor hits

Consistent results can be more difficult to accomplish

At the end of the day, all of it comes down to your private needs, as well as depends practically completely by yourself preferences. Besides, there are actually thousands of models on today’s vaporizer market, and many different individuals with several point of views. You might fall in love with your initial vaporizer, or it might take you a pair to get the one you like, however in either case the procedure can be a great deal of enjoyable!

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