Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference of 3 replaceable coils?

    Dual Quartz Coil: Quick fire coil and all day vape
    Dual Quartz Clapton Coil: Maximized surface area for maximum hit and utilizing lower temperature for smoother hits
    Single Quartz Clapton Coil: Optimized power and surface area for optimal flavor and designed for instant hit
  • How to replace the coil?

    Twist open the base to 90 degrees to access the coil. Grip the coil head on the sides and pull it straight out to remove the coil assembly from the base. Choose the new one and slide it assembly along the tracks back into the base. For more information, please visit the DAbOX user manual. (
  • Why the LED light cannot flash anymore?

    Please confirm if you turn on the stealth mode. To turn off the stealth mode, please press the fire button 3 times consecutively when the device is on. The LED light will flash 3 times quickly.
  • Why the LED light flash slowly?

    It means coil head missing or atomizer short. Please check your coil head if you are installed correctly or replace with a new one.
  • Is it possible to add a water filter?

    We design a special water filter for DAbOX. If you are interested in, you could get more information here. (