Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s function of “M” button and “+” , “-” button?

    Press and hold the “M” button to go into menu. Single press the “M” button to enter into the option you want.
    Press “+” and “-” button to scroll through the options.
    For more details, please visit the RIFT user manual. 
  • Why a Tri-Bowl Design?

    We design a tri-bowl with RIFT technology to effectively heats your dry herb or concentrate. Grinding not required-break off pieces and press them into the bowl. The tri-bowl design allows you to vape 3 different choices of cannabis at the same time.
  • How to clean the RIFT?

    You can easily disassemble the RIFT and clean the accessories in a 50% alcohol. For more information, please visit the RIFT user manual. 
  • Why display “Charge Protect”?

    The display will say “Charge Protect” to indicate that it is not currently charging the battery. It will automatically disappear when the battery cools enough for taking a charge.
  • Why display “No heater”?

    The display will say “No heater” if it is nor detecting the heater. Sometimes after a long period of time, residue can build up and may potentially prevent electrical contact between the heater and the body of the device. If you see this, remove the heater and thoroughly clean the electrical contacts on the device and on the heater.