HoneyStick Ripper ERig 400mAh Wax & Herb Vaporizer- $20 OFF


Introducing the HoneyStick Ripper E-Rig: Your Ultimate Vaping Powerhouse

Experience the pinnacle of versatility with the HoneyStick Ripper E-Rig, meticulously crafted to serve as both an Electric Dab Rig and a Dry Herb Electric Bong, complete with a ceramic dry herb heating chamber.

Delve into unparalleled dabbing and dry herb experiences with the HoneyStick Ripper E-Rig. Combining functionality with stunning aesthetics, this electric rig vaporizer offers a unique design suitable for both dabs and dry herbs.

Featuring a full-sized glass water bubbler, enjoy pure, cool vapor every time. The rig's stable desktop metal base houses a massive 4000mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring prolonged sessions without constant recharging.

Effortlessly switch between temperatures with the HoneyStick electric rig, complete with a convenient vibration alert and color LED beams indicating temperature settings.

The Ripper Dab E-Rig kit redefines versatility and adaptability. Equipped with a powerful wax atomizer with two Quartz bowls tailored for distinct substances, each session promises optimal heating and flavor extraction. Additionally, the kit includes a precision dab tool and high-quality cleaning cotton swabs, ensuring easy maintenance session after session.

Embark on a journey where cutting-edge innovation meets classic dabbing pleasure with the Ripper Electric Dab Rig.


- Glass Water Bubbler

- 4000mAh Dab Pen Battery (Erig Base)

- 1 x Wax Atomizer with 2 x Quartz Bowls, Atomizer Cover and Glass Carb Cap

- 1 x Dry Herb Ceramic Heating Chamber, Mesh Protector and Perforated Metal Cap

- 1 x USB-C Charging Cable

- 1 x Professional Dab Tool

- 10 x Cotton Swabs

The Ripper E-Rig offers precision at your fingertips. With just a single button, users can effortlessly switch between four precise temperature settings:

  • Blue LED (Dabs at 437°F - Herbs at 374°F): Ideal for light sessions with small loads.
  • Green LED (Dabs at 445°F - Herbs at 392°F): Suited for medium loads.
  • Red LED (Dabs at 473°F - Herbs at 410°F): Perfect for heavy loads, delivering intense hits.
  • White LED (Dabs at 509°F - Herbs at 428°F): Crafted for XL power sessions demanding peak performance.

Customer Reviews

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Dwayne E
I love it.

I love it.. I can smoke my dabs and flower

Terry D.
Honey stick ripper

Soo worth it Great price, I'm really enjoying it.