Lookah Python Concentrate Vaporizer- 15% OFF


Introducing the Python wax vape pen, a powerful handheld vaporizer crafted from premium materials for an indulgent experience with lush cotton ball clouds.

Constructed entirely from durable metal, the vape's reassuring 125-gram weight ensures longevity and sturdiness. The serpentine textured shell enhances grip and usability, catering to users with compromised dexterity. Its compact, palm-size design incorporates a user-friendly flip-top, granting easy access to the atomizer coil akin to opening a Zippo lighter.

Equipped with a built-in dab tool, loading quartz coils becomes a breeze. Simply scoop a small glob of your preferred extracts onto the atomizer plate for a seamless experience. The Python utilizes 710 atomizer services, employing quartz plates for even heat distribution and enhanced flavor profiles. Compatibility with Lookah 710 wax coils further expands customization options for this exceptional device. Immerse yourself in the world of Python for a robust and flavorful vaping journey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marcus F.

Beautiful device. It feels very solid and has a nice weight to it.

Lovell Geddes
I love this thing.

It fits nicely in my hand, it's easy to use, and I like the design of the mouthpiece. I also love that the auto shut off is long. If I get distracted for a few minutes I don't have to turn it back on. My only complaint is the battery. It's pretty decent, but I wish a charge lasted a little longer. Still, I'm able to get a few sessions out of it before needs to be recharged. Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend it.

John Bachmann
One of the best hand vapes

One of the best hand vapes I've gotten to use personally. The thing is amazing. I love both my python and my mini unicorn they are amazing I have a collection going on. Now I have to get the turtle and seahorse then I'll be like alright alright alright. Ya dig. Its a puff of fesh air. If you don't own one you need too. If lookha looking for a product tester send it I'll try it and leave a honest review

William Frederick
my favorite traveling companion

At first wasn't to impressed but after getting some feel for loading amounts, this is my favorite traveling companion! I'm using 710 B coils for now. This is a great device and sidekick to my seahorse.

Clifford Sneary
Great rig.

I’m totally impressed with the quality and performance.
Get yourself one.