Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Concentrate or 510 Cartridge Vaporizer


Introducing Pulsar's Finest Vape Bubbler Yet!

Much like the sophistication of aged single malt whiskey, top-quality concentrates deserve their own elegant vessel. Enter the Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Concentrate and 510 Cartridge Vaporizer Bubbler, a pinnacle in vape technology that ensures your wax or oil is enjoyed to the fullest.

The Sipper marries retro aesthetics reminiscent of a lava lamp with the cutting-edge convenience of a hands-free auto-fill bubbler. It brings the future to your fingertips with a user-friendly one-button touchpad interface adorned with LED lights. These LEDs serve as both a battery life indicator and a voltage setting guide, changing colors as you toggle between the four preset voltage options. Plus, the 1500mAh battery boasts an extended lifespan thanks to its 10-minute auto-shutoff feature, and it's easily rechargeable via the included USB-C cable.

Elevated vapor experiences without the hassle

Indulge in water-cooled vapor with utmost ease using the Sipper's hands-free auto-fill mode. A double tap on the touchpad button is all it takes to witness the magic as the pump gracefully fills the bubble chamber with delightful vapor clouds.

But that's not all! Unlike conventional vape-water pipe setups, this vapor-infused bubbler cup detaches entirely from the base while preserving the vapor inside. Lean back and enjoy the flavor and aroma of your concentrates while the Sipper base stays securely in place. Feeling social? Pass the bubbler cup around with your friends, then seamlessly reattach it and refill when you desire more.

The best of both worlds for wax and oil enthusiasts

Experience cool, filtered hits at the push of a button, without the need to choose between wax and oil cartridges—the Sipper handles both with ease. Load up the triple quartz coil wax atomizer using the included stainless steel dab tool or attach your preferred 0.5 or 1mL 510 cartridge. It's the ideal solution for sampling new strains and flavors without switching devices.

Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year end-user warranty that covers your investment.

Technical Specifications for the Pulsar Sipper:

  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 8.75 inches (10.9 x 10.9 x 22.5cm)
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Voltage Options: 2.5v, 3v, 3.5v, 4.2v
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1Ω (1 ohm)
  • Charger: USB-C

What's Included in the Pulsar Sipper Kit:

  • Pulsar Sipper base
  • Borosilicate glass bubbler cup
  • Airflow valve
  • Atomizer/cartridge cover
  • Wax atomizer with triple quartz coil

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Patti S.
Goodbye Torch!

Love the sipper! Makes the hit super smooth & cool when you add ice to the water.

Pulsar f.

If someone finds a quicker, easier way to vaporizer concentrates, without losing flavor. Please let me know

Joseph B.
My Budtender

The sipper is really cool I love to be able to have it pull me a nice big hit I feel like I have a personal Budtender

Steve C.
Works great

It took some time to figure out how to turn it on, but once I did, it worked smoothly and perfectly.

Love this

Initially had trouble getting it to turn on but after getting some help from pulsars support I got it working and love it!