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Image worked great!

I was worried about how the image upload would work, but it looks awesome! I made the design I wanted in a word document, exported to PDF, took a screenshot on my phone, and uploaded. I haven’t used it yet (it’s a gift) but I was super pleased with how the personalization came out with uploading an image.

Henry Link

Feels very nice in the hands, the personalization feature came out very sleek. I have some issues with 1g carts that are a little more skinny/narrow, they jiggle a lot in the battery and sometimes can be dislodged and forcing you to take it out and put it back in until the metal connects properly with the battery.

Kurt Ploszay
Perfection…the competition had better step up their game

My quest to find the best vaping battery available has ended.
This is the most bulletproof compact system out there.
Reliable is the operative word here. I have tried many other Vape batteries with all the bells and whistles, that were simply not reliable in the long run.
Congratulations on hitting it out of the park!

Janet McKeen
Vivant Vault SE

It's a great little vape when I can keep it charged. Seems like I charge more than I puff. It's a great hitter when it acts right. I'd buy it again and the personalization is amazing!! I get compliments on my vape.

Ronnie Funtanilla

Im stunned such a visionary product and also I am very discreet this has beyond the power level I was looking for in a mini vapor product