The Davinci IQ2 stands as a pinnacle of dry herb vaporizers crafted by the esteemed Davinci Vaporizers, a veteran player in the portable vape industry since its inception in Las Vegas, NV back in 2011. An evolution of the original IQ model, the IQ2 boasts advancements that set it apart in the market.

With a comprehensive temperature spectrum, the IQ2 offers precise temperature control through intuitive on-vape temperature dials. Among its standout features are the ability to replace batteries easily, a vapor path composed entirely of glass, and the addition of an adjustable air path known as the "air dial." This innovative feature allows users to modulate vapor flow according to their preferences. Increasing airflow results in smoother and cooler vapor with fewer clouds, while reducing airflow leads to hotter vapor with denser, more substantial hits.

Davinci IQ2 vaporizer with adjustable airflow dial and premium materials

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The latest iteration, the IQ2 vaporizer, maintains the exceptional battery life, rapid heat-up times, top-tier vapor quality, and unwavering reliability that users have come to expect from Davinci. What sets the IQ2 apart is its array of fantastic accessories, including a new dosage capsule and ceramic extract disc. This versatility allows the IQ2 to handle both dry herbs and concentrates with ease.

In this Davinci IQ2 review, I'll delve deeper into these features. But for now, if you're seeking a single vape that can handle all your needs on the go, the IQ2 stands out as the ultimate all-in-one portable vaporizer.


Portable vaporizer from Davinci with glass-lined ceramic oven and extended pearl

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In terms of size, the Davinci IQ2 vaporizer sees a modest increase, being approximately 9% larger and weighing an additional 11 grams compared to the original IQ. While the OG IQ weighed in at 149 grams, the new IQ2 comes in at 160 grams. This slight increase in weight can be attributed to several factors, including the addition of the adjustable air dial, a thicker oven, and enhanced insulation surrounding the battery.

The IQ2 vaporizer boasts excellent portability, fitting comfortably in your hand and effortlessly sliding into a pocket or purse. While I personally find the extended or water tool adapter mouthpiece most enjoyable, the flat piece enhances portability slightly. With no loose parts, it feels secure in my pocket, making it ideal for on-the-go use.


The build quality of the IQ2 is undeniably premium, reflecting Davinci's commitment to purity. The device is constructed using medical-grade components, as claimed by Davinci, and this assertion holds true upon inspection. Its exterior comprises a sandblasted aluminum shell, ensuring durability and a sleek aesthetic. Moreover, the oven and vapor path boast an airtight design, constructed from high-quality glass and zirconia ceramic.

Davinci's confidence in the IQ2's build quality is evident through their generous 10-year warranty, demonstrating their commitment to standing behind their product. Thus far, my personal experience with the IQ2 has been positive, with no visible signs of wear or performance issues. However, I acknowledge that I have been fortunate to avoid any significant drops or mishaps during my usage. I will continue to rigorously test the IQ2 and provide updates on its durability and performance in this ongoing review.


The vapor quality delivered by the IQ2 surpasses that of any conduction vaporizer I've tested. It excels in producing rich flavor at lower temperatures and delivers potent, dense hits when the temperature is raised, particularly with the air dial closed. This versatile performance ensures an exceptional vaping experience tailored to individual preferences, making the IQ2 stand out as a top choice among conduction vaporizers.


The IQ2 vaporizer offers a temperature range spanning from 280°F to 430°F, providing users with a wide spectrum of heating options to suit their preferences. Building upon the excellent software features present in the original IQ, such as smart paths and heating modes, the IQ2 introduces a new innovation called Dosage Control.


Dosage Control is a groundbreaking feature introduced with the IQ2, enabling users to monitor the dose of THC in each draw they take, as well as the cumulative amount throughout a session. It's essential to clarify that these dosage readings are not precise measurements of the actual THC consumed, but rather serve as a reference point to gauge potential THC intake based on various parameters.

Davinci's algorithm calculates these dosages considering several factors, including oven temperature, draw duration, intervals between draws, and the duration of herb exposure to heat. Additionally, the potency of the dry herb or extract and the quantity loaded into the oven are taken into account.

This innovative system, combined with the dosage pod, facilitates micro-dosing throughout the day. Users have the option to set a maximum dosage per session, and the vape will notify them when this threshold is reached, ensuring a controlled and customized vaping experience.

IQ2 vaporizer featuring dosage pod and ceramic extract disc for concentrates

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The IQ2 elevates the already exceptional taste with improved airflow and enhanced cloud production. With the addition of an adjustable airflow dial, users can now enjoy a wider range of airflow options, ranging from 40% less to 67% more airflow compared to the OG IQ model.

Furthermore, cleaning has been made easier with modifications to the flavor chamber. The pearl has been extended by approximately 30%, allowing for easier customization of the oven size and ensuring a tightly packed chamber.

In terms of accessories, the IQ2 now includes a dosage pod, a ceramic extract disc for concentrates, and an extra pick tool alongside the 10mm water pipe adapter.

Crafted with premium materials, the IQ2 features a glass-lined ceramic oven, a glass zirconia pearl, a zirconia flavor chamber vapor path, and a glass mouthpiece/WPA.

To enhance performance, the IQ2 incorporates a 20% thicker oven and increased insulation around the battery, resulting in improved heating and enhanced oven consistency.

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