The Lookah Seahorse Pro stands out as a portable nectar collector boasting an ergonomic design and a rapid-heating quartz tip for a seamless dabbing encounter. Serving as Lookah's flagship device, it includes a silicone hose adaptable to any 10-14 mm glass rig for water filtration. Furthermore, this electronic nectar collector kit comes equipped with a reliable 510-threaded cartridge battery.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electronic Nectar Collector - Spatter Edition

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Spatter Edition - Ultimate Dabbing Experience!

Lookah Seahorse Pro Review

The Lookah Seahorse Pro boasts a distinctive feature with its see-through vapor window, providing a unique glimpse into the vaporization process. Its battery is housed within a spacious body that gradually tapers towards a slender snout and mouthpiece, creating an iconic Seahorse shape.

Owning the Lookah Seahorse Pro streamlines your vaping experience by eliminating the need for a separate pen for dabs and cartridges. This is made possible by its compatibility with 510 threaded vape cartridges. To utilize this feature, simply unscrew the quartz tip of the Seahorse and replace it with your cartridge. Voila! The device transforms into a button-operated multi-heat vape battery.

Remarkably, the e-nectar collector allows you to vape from your preferred cartridge on either side of the unit. This perfectly sized dab pen is highly intuitive, requiring five presses to turn on and an additional two presses to switch between preset temperature settings.

Regarding size considerations, opting for a shorter version of the dab pen may result in excessive heat reaching your throat, while a longer version may require more time for cleaning reclaim out of the glass tube.

Portable and Efficient Electronic Nectar Collector - Spatter Edition

Exclusive Spatter Design Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus - Available Now!

Kit Content

  • Tip/Coil Cap
  • Quartz Coil
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Silicone Hose
  • 14/18mm Adapter

Internal Building Quality & Design

The Lookah Seahorse Pro features a ceramic base with a porous ceramic tip, ensuring optimal heating and vaporization of your concentrates. Its 510-threaded atomizer allows you to easily use your favorite cartridge. Alternatively, you can utilize the three-pronged silicone water pipe adapter for added versatility. This option not only provides ergonomic comfort but also enhances your overall vaping experience.

Temperature and heating settings

The lowest temperature setting of the dab pen emits a voltage of 3.6, while the highest temperature is 4.1 V. To switch between temperatures, simply double-tap the power button after turning on your device.

For optimal flavor, it is recommended to set your dab pen at the lowest temperature. However, following expert advice, medium heat is often considered the best compromise. You can also opt for the highest temperature setting, but frequent use may produce more vapor, which could potentially impact your health negatively.

Unique Spatter Design Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Dab Pen

Get Your Hands on the Spatter Edition Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus!

Performance and Vaping Quality

The quality of the vapor is contingent upon the heat setting chosen. The device offers three primary heat settings, each distinguished by a unique color.

Starting with the lowest heat temperature, indicated by the color blue, this setting offers the best flavor experience.

Next is the medium heat temperature represented by the color purple. This setting is highly recommended for optimal performance and flavor.

Finally, the white color signifies the highest heat setting. While this setting may alter the flavor slightly, it is perfect for achieving the best vapor production.


The dab pen is equipped with a 650mAh battery, ensuring prolonged enjoyment of the device's features. The battery features two distinct color indicators: a red light signifies low battery, while a cyan color indicates a fully charged battery.

Experience Precision Dabbing with Seahorse Pro Plus - Spatter Edition

Experience Innovation: Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Spatter Edition


The Seahorse Pro is compatible with nearly all Lookah coils, each influencing the flavor and vapor production experienced during dabbing. Your choice of coil greatly affects the taste and enjoyment derived from dabbing.

Opting for the quartz coil provides a favorable taste, enhancing the overall pleasure of dabbing. Conversely, ceramic coils are ideal for those who prioritize vapor production. When it comes to selecting a coil, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Your choice should be based solely on your preferences and desired outcome.

How to use

To get started, make sure the device's battery is fully charged. Next, press the power button five times to turn on the device.

Once the device is activated, you can change the temperature by double-tapping the power button. There are three preset temperatures, each indicated by a unique color.

How to Clean?

Like many electronic nectar collectors, the dab pen is designed to be cleaned for optimal performance.

To begin the cleaning process, remove the coil after each use. Next, detach the glass tube, which also serves as the mouthpiece. Submerge these components in 90% isopropyl alcohol to soak.

Once soaked, utilize the cleaning brush to remove any clogs or residues from the 510 thread. Afterwards, wipe down the device and ensure the battery is fully charged for the next use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Seahorse Pro Last?

Once fully charged, the dab pen can typically be used approximately 15 to 20 times. This provides ample usage time, as the device charges quickly, reaching full capacity in just 30 minutes.

How Long Does a Seahorse Quartz Tip Last?

The lifespan of the quartz tip depends on usage frequency. Under normal circumstances, the quartz tip should not need replacement for at least a month or two.

Which Seahorse Pro Tip is Better?

When considering the best tip for your dabbing needs, quartz coils are the preferred choice. Quartz coils not only offer superior taste but also provide a healthier dabbing experience. Additionally, they are compatible with all Lookah Seahorse series products.


The Lookah Seahorse Pro captures the hearts of users with its exceptional portability and long-lasting battery life, making it a top recommendation for many. Its versatility as both an electronic nectar collector and a 510-threaded cartridge battery further solidifies its place as a multifunctional dabbing device.

The device's vapor window allows users to see their hits, adding to the overall experience. With a variety of color options available, users can easily find one that suits their preferences.

If you've purchased this dab pen, you might be wondering about the first-use experience and any challenges encountered. One aspect the company could improve upon is ensuring ease of use for first-time users and addressing any initial challenges faced. Additionally, sharing your first cleaning experience can be helpful for new users navigating maintenance procedures.

By sharing your experiences, you can provide valuable insights and advice to others, helping them overcome potential hurdles and fully enjoy their dabbing journey.

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