The latest iteration of the Peak Pro carries forward the esteemed reputation of its predecessor while solidifying Puffco's position at the forefront of the Concentrate industry. Designed to cater to both novices and seasoned enthusiasts, it offers an unmatched vaping experience. With its innovative 3D intelligent chamber, temperature regulation within the coil remains precise, ensuring the extract's freshness throughout every session. Whether opting for preset heating profiles or delving into deeper customization via the app, the Peak Pro sets the pinnacle for dabbing perfection.

Puffco Peak Pro V2 e-rig for concentrates


Puffco's flagship Dab Rig, the Peak Pro, stands as a pinnacle in the world of concentrate vaporizers, earning it the title of possibly the best globally. While some refer to it as the Peak Pro 2 or v2, Puffco officially dubs it the "New Peak Pro," a nomenclature we'll adhere to here. Having relied on the previous Peak Pro as my daily driver for years, I eagerly anticipate this release with lofty expectations – pun intended. For a comprehensive list of variances between the old and new Peak Pros, refer to my separate comparison.

In this review, we'll delve into the features of the New Peak Pro, assess its performance, and draw comparisons to its predecessor. With much ground to cover, I'll briskly navigate through the details, so settle in, prepare your dab, and let's dive right in!

Advanced Puffco Peak Pro V2 vaporizer with real-time temperature control



Breaking down the Peak Pro into its three primary components, let's begin with the glass bubbler.

Premium Puffco Peak Pro V2 e-rig with enhanced performance


Glass bubbler

The glass bubbler of the Peak Pro boasts several upgrades compared to its predecessor:

  1. Enhanced Durability: The new bubbler is noticeably heavier and sturdier, weighing in at 96 grams compared to the previous version's 81 grams.
  2. Improved Airflow: Instead of two air holes at the base, the new bubbler features five laser-cut air holes. This increase in airflow complements the enhanced airflow from the carb cap, resulting in smoother hits.
  3. Vortex-shaped Grooves: Air travels upward through vortex-shaped grooves within the bubbler, acting as a percolator to increase airflow and cool down vapor or smoke. This design not only improves functionality but also adds a modern touch to the Peak Pro's aesthetic.

These enhancements extend beyond just the bubbler, as similar grooves are incorporated into the body, chamber area, and even the trimming or case of the device. This cohesive design theme lends the Peak Pro a distinct personality and a sleek, modern appearance.

Puffco Peak Pro V2: The ultimate dabbing experience


The Base

The front of the Peak Pro features a single activation button, now equipped with tap vibrations for subtle haptic feedback, akin to the tactile response experienced when adjusting settings on an iPhone.

Moving to the base, you'll find a USB-C port positioned at the back, accompanied by the Puffco logo just above it. Both the old and new versions support USB-C or wireless charging, with a separate power dock available for purchase.

On the bottom of the device, a light ring is present, supplemented by lights under the bubbler. Together, these indicators convey the device status and heat settings, ensuring clear communication with the user.

High-quality Puffco Peak Pro V2 e-rig for enthusiasts


The New 3D Chamber

In a significant improvement from previous iterations, the 3D chamber is now included as a standard component with each New Peak Pro kit, eliminating the need for separate purchases. Here are some notable upgrades over the old version:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Both the digital interface and the mechanical locking mechanism have been revamped, facilitating easier connection between the chamber and the base. Now, a simple quarter turn is all it takes to secure the chamber.
  • Joystick Carb Cap: The Peak Pro now includes a joystick-style carb cap, designed to direct airflow to the chamber's corners for optimal concentrate extraction. With its tactile feel and responsive movement, akin to a gaming controller, this carb cap enhances extraction efficiency and vapor quality. Additionally, it features four air intake holes, doubling the airflow compared to the previous version.
  • Internal Improvements: Internal upgrades have been implemented within the chamber, enhancing its efficiency and reducing power consumption. These improvements contribute to a smoother and more effective vaping experience overall.

Explore the features of Puffco Peak Pro V2 vaporizer


Old vs New 3D chamber

While the old chamber is distinguished by a red trim and the new one features a black trim, both chambers remain largely identical in functionality. Notably, they are cross-compatible between the old and new units, ensuring versatility for users.

Similarly, the bubbler is also cross-compatible between models. This means that users can interchange components between the old and new units, providing flexibility and convenience in use.

Puffco Peak Pro V2 e-rig: Elevate your concentrate vaping



The New Peak Pro introduces four preset temperature settings: Blue (lowest), Green, Red, and White. However, there's a hidden gem called "Intensity mode" that significantly enhances the vaping experience.

To access Intensity mode, simply click the button five times. This mode isn't an additional heat setting but rather an enhancement of each preset setting. For instance, activating Intensity mode in the Green setting will result in thicker, milkier clouds and increased potency. This isn't merely a temperature boost like the "boost mode" accessible by double-tapping during a session; it's algorithmic magic that optimizes the heating process for superior vapor production.

Remarkably, Intensity mode is available for both the new and old Peak Pro models, with the latter requiring a firmware update through the app. If you own the previous version, don't miss out on this upgrade!

And finally, let's not forget the app, which plays a crucial role in accessing and managing these advanced features.

Discover the new Puffco Peak Pro V2 with improved features



The Puffco Connect app offers a plethora of functionalities that enhance the vaping experience:

  1. Monitoring: View battery level, heat setting, current chamber temperature, and usage statistics directly from your smartphone.
  2. Customization: Edit the four heating profiles or create new ones to tailor your vaping experience. Adjust temperature, duration, and vapor production control to your preferences. For instance, you can create a profile like "Purple Haze" with a temperature of 510°F, a 15-second duration, maximal vapor production, and a purple light indicator.
  3. Accessibility: Save customized heating profiles to your list and even upload them to the device for easy access without the app.
  4. Visual Experience: Enjoy the immersive experience of vaping with the app, which synchronizes corresponding colors and displays a countdown timer around the live temperature display in the chamber.
  5. Software Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements through over-the-air software updates. For instance, the "Insanity Mode" was added to older Peak Pro models via a recent update, showcasing the app's capability to enhance functionality even for existing devices.

Overall, the Puffco Connect app offers a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience, allowing users to personalize settings, monitor usage, and stay updated with the latest software enhancements.

Puffco Peak Pro V2 e-rig: Enjoy precise temperature control



The standout feature that sets the Peak Pro apart from cheaper eRigs is its real-time temperature control, and let's break down what that means using an analogy.

Imagine you're driving a car on a road with a speed limit of 60 miles per hour. In one scenario, your car only operates in bursts: you hit a button, it accelerates at 100% for two minutes, then shuts off. You'd likely exceed the speed limit and risk crashing.

Now, picture the car operating normally, allowing you to accelerate freely and maintain a constant speed once you reach the limit.

Now, let's translate:

The "car" becomes the "chamber."

"Speed" becomes "temperature."

And you, my friend, are the dab.

In the first scenario, wax would quickly burn due to inconsistent heating. The Peak Pro, however, operates like the second scenario: it heats up in a controlled manner, adjusting to maintain a precise temperature in the chamber without burning your wax.

You can even monitor this live with the mobile app. The Peak Pro utilizes multiple temperature sensors in the coil and a microchip to make real-time adjustments, ensuring consistent temperature regardless of load or inhale strength.

This not only preserves flavor but also maximizes efficiency. The same amount of wax that yields four hits with the Peak Pro would be wasted in seconds with cheaper rigs.

In short, real-time temperature control on the Peak Pro elevates the vaping experience, offering superior flavor preservation, efficiency, and overall performance compared to cheaper alternatives.


The release of the New Peak Pro has solidified my preference for Puffco Peak as the top choice for extracts. While the overall experience remains largely unchanged from the previous unit, the inclusion of the 3D chamber and the new joystick carb cap significantly enhances the value proposition.

Every aspect of the Peak Pro, from the magnets on the case to the intelligent chamber, the joystick cap, and even the app, is meticulously designed to perfection.

Performance-wise, the Peak Pro delivers consistently great results, offering predictability and accuracy that are unmatched in the market. Overall, the New Peak Pro is a complete package that provides exceptional value, making it an easy recommendation for anyone seeking the best in extract vaping.

Since budget is subjective, I can't determine if the Peak Pro, priced at $420 (visit vivant store and only $399.99), is the right choice for everyone. However, if you're passionate about dabbing and seeking the ultimate experience, the Peak Pro is unparalleled. It caters to both beginners and connoisseurs alike, offering the pinnacle of dabbing perfection.


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