Actually, coughing is a common phenomenon when you vape cannabis no matter you are a beginner or an advanced player. It’s certainly that if you are new to the cannabis vaping, you will be easily coughing at the first time.

If you would like to know how to avoid coughing, let’s start to learn about why do you cough when you vape.

  1. You vape in a wrong way.

The right vaping technique is very important to an enjoyable vaping experience. When you vape, you cannot draw the smoke into your mouth and then inhale it all back into your lungs at once before exhaling just like the habit you smoke a cigarette. Instead, vaping requires a slow, steady draw to pull the vapor directly into your lungs.

  1. You vape at high temperature.

If you start vaping cannabis at a high temperature, you may feel the hot vapor and cough at the first hit. Hot vapor can irritate your lungs, triggering a coughing fit. Please start at a low temperature setting and increase it gradually to avoid a surprise hot hit.

  1. Your heating bowl or heating coils are old and cause burnt hits.

When you don’t replace your heating bowls or coils regularly, your cannabis material may be polluted and you will inhale the bad ingredients. Old and dirty coil heads will also cause the burn hits which lead to the coughing behavior.(When you need to replace your coil heads?)

  1. You vape old weed, low-quality wax or expired oil.

Old dry weed, low-quality wax and expired oil can create harsh vapor which can make you cough. If you are sure your cannabis vaporizer id clean, and coughing hasn’t been an issue in the past, it might be time to get some new bud or live-resin wax.

How to vape cannabis without coughing?

  1. Change your vaping technique.

If you are not keen to throat hit, you could just inhale into your mouth not your lungs. If you would like to feel the vapor in your throat, please try to take several small, quick hit instead of one, big hit can help avoid coughing fits. You will get increased airflow with the vapor, so it will be less likely to irritate your lungs.

  1. Vape at a lower temperature

Lower the temperature if your cannabis vaporizer has different temperature settings when you are coughing during vaping.

  1. Clean your vape and change your heating bowls and atomizers.

If you keep coughing because your vape tasted burnt, and lowering the temperature did not fix it, you may need to clean your vape and change the heating bowls and coil heads.

  1. Choose new and better cannabis material.

Compare with the taste of different cannabis material. If you also cough when you vape the same weed or wax, and rule out the previous reasons, please try to vape new and better material to avoid coughing all the time.



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