Atomizer, we sometimes also call it coil, is an important part of your wax vaporizer.  It is the key to a smooth taste vaping experience and decide the lifespan of your wax vapes.

Atomizers consist of a wire and a wick and are housed within the metal or glass material.

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How long do atomizer coils last or how to make sure that you need to replace your atomizer?

Most atomizers need to be replaced within 4 to 12 weeks. It’s certainly depends on how often you vape and the temperature you choose. If you vape constantly at high temperatures, you will need to replace your atomizers more frequently than others who vape at lower temperatures.

Vivant gives 5 signs when you meet to remind you change your atomizer coils.

  1. Tastes Burnt

This is probably the most noticeable thing that tells you your coil is at its end. It is often caused by “hot spots” on the coil that overheat wax, burnt flavor usually tastes smoky and bitter, sometimes tainted with the smack of metal or plastic. When you vape, you will experience a truly horrible burnt taste in the back of your throat.


  1. Low Vapor Production

The vapor produced by your coil will gradually lessen with time. By the end of your coil’s lifespan, you’ll be seeing a much lower vapor output than usual. So, if your cloud chasing seems to be going much worse than usual, you may be vaping with an old coil. Whether you choose to change the coil immediately when you notice a lower vapor output or continue using it until other symptoms appear is up to you.


  1. Leakage Occurred

Leakage is most caused by overloading the atomizer. But if you use a small amount of wax and your atomizer is still leaking, you should know there may be some problems of your coils.

It’s necessary to replace a leaking atomizer because leaking problem may cause other issues with your wax pen that are more difficult to solve. Leaking wax can drip onto the threading of your wax vaporizer and cause a bad connection and it can also gunk up your power button.


  1. Black Gunk

When an atomizer hasn’t been cleaned regularly, black gunk may build up on or around the coil. This resin can become crystallized over time. At that point, even a good long soak in isopropyl won’t do the trick.

Black gunk can leave a foul taste in your mouth, cause harsh hits, and even clog the air path, creating more draw resistance than there should be.

To avoid this kind of buildup, clean the wax atomizer regularly.


  1. Clogged Airflow

Melted wax concentrates can leak into the airway of your vaporizer, and if not cleaned, crystalize. At this point you can try clearing the airway with a paperclip or needle, but if you wait too long, it might be too late. You’ll need to replace the atomizer.

It will be fairly obvious if the vapor path is clogged. You'll have to inhale harder to get anything out of the vape.



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