Vaporizer, is an electrical device which is different from joint and pipe to enjoy cannabis flower. You can avoid the flame and utilize heat by battery (built-in Li-ion battery or replaceable 18650 battery) to vaporize the active ingredients in cannabis flower and concentrates.

Vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes, no matter mini size in palm of your hand or desktop with large battery capacity for different demands. Cannabis flower, cannabis oil, concentrates and extracts can all be vaporized to consume their activated cannabinoids following vaporization. Vaporization can avoid combustion and cause harmful elements from cannabis material which would be safer than smoking, as it occurs at temperatures that do not allow to release harmful tar and carcinogens.


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Where Can I Buy a Vaporizer?

You can purchase a Vaporizer directly from VIVANT. Not only do we sell many Vaporizers, but also share many useful and recommendation on cannabis culture and vaporizer techniques.

We hope we were able to share some new knowledge with you around all the options you have when it comes to using vaporizers to intake your medical cannabis. Our support team can help you choose the right products, get you started on dosing and guide you along the way.  If you have any questions about vaporizers, please send them to us at





  • VIVANT said:

    Hi Todd,
    Thanks for the question about VIVANT VAULT SE.
    Yes, the max cart diameter is 11mm which can be put into our VAULT SE.

    November 14, 2022

  • Todd said:

    What is the max cart diameter that can go into a vivant SE. 11mm?

    November 14, 2022

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