Now vaping is a very popular method to enjoy cannabis. If you are new to vaping or you would like to start vaping cannabis, you may have questions or concerns about safety. In this guide, vivant will be focusing specifically on vaporizers for dry herb although there are many devices for vaping concentrate or oil.

Different methods and tools you need

VIVANT ALTERNATE-best dry herb vaporizer with grinder and cleanning accessories

When you begin to vape weed, you need to prepare something necessary for better vaping experience.

  • Cannabis flower
  • A grinder
  • A portable or desktop vaporizer
  • Cleaning accessories

VIVANT ALTERNATE has a grinder to help better grind and load your dry herbs.

How to load your dry herb?

  1. Choose your favorite dry herb and vaporizer.
  2. Use a grinder to grind the dry herb for completely heating.
  3. Use packing tool or your finger to load your dry herb into the heating bowl of vaporizer.

VIVANT RIFT-tri-bowl design for vaping 3 kinds of cannabis flowers one time

How much weed do you need for vaping?

It’s actually depending on the type of vaporizers you are using and the size of the heating bowl.

VIVANT VLEAF-best dry herb vaporizer for people who start vaping

How to vape weed?

Vivant gives a brief steps guide as below.

  1. After packing your cannabis material, turn on the vaporizer and adjust the desired temperature.
  2. Wait for your vaporizer to reach the proper temperature.
  3. Place your lips on the mouthpiece and ready to inhale.
  4. Take a few gentle puffs without inhaling to prime the vaporizer.
  5. When you are ready, suck in until the vapor fills your lungs.
  6. Exhale the vapor and enjoy.

What’s the optimal temperature for vaping cannabis?

Vivant has another blog to introduce the best temp to vape weed.

When vaping cannabis, try to go for longer, slower inhales. Once the vapor loses its flavor and gets much thinner than when you started, this is a good indicator that the weed in the chamber is ready to be discarded and replaced.

How to clean a vaporizer?

After using your vaporizer, you have to clean it for longer and better vaping experience next time. Vivant also has a blog to tell you how to clean your dry herb vaporizer. If you are interested in, you could check our blogs to learn more guides for cleaning your vaporizer.

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