Do you know what is an atomizer in a vape?

It is a heating element of a vape system which turns cannabis concentrate or oil into vapor and includes the wick and heating coil. An atomizer’s power is measured in ohms with the rule of thumb being: the lower the ohm the more powerful the device. Users can choose different atomizers for different clouds of vapor they want.

Atomizer Types

1. Single Coil Atomizer

This is the most flavorful of the coil atomizer options. It can optimize power and surface area for optimal flavor and is designed for instant hit. Single coil atomizers use less power than the other two options, saving you anywhere from 10-30% of your battery. Consumption of your concentrate is lower with single coil atomizers: since there is only one coil in contact with your material you will go through the same volume of concentrate slower.

single quartz clapton coil head

VIVANT Single Quartz Clapton Coil

2. Dual Coil Atomizer

Dual coil atomizers will feature two rods made from usually quartz or ceramic with titanium coils wrapped around them. It can maximize the surface area for maximum hit and utilize lower temperature for smoother hits.

dual quartz clapton coi head

VIVANT Dual Quartz Clapton Coil

dual quartz coil head

VIVANT Dual Quartz Coil

3. Glass Coil Atomizer

Glass coil atomizers are an all quartz heating element which can offer the cleanest hit around. Your cannabis material will not directly touch the coil to avoid the smell of metal.

vivant firecore coil head- full glass heating coil


VIVANT Firecore Coil

4. Quad Coil Atomizer

Quad coil atomizers are here for one thing only: gigantic rips. The closest you can come to getting a “rig like” hit from a portable vaporizer will be from a quad coil atomizer. Quad coil atomizers are most effective when the coils are lined up side by side, as opposed to a “two on two” stack situation. Users who don’t put a premium on flavor will be in cloud heaven with a quad coil atomizer. 

How an atomizer works?

Atomizers are built into vape devices. When the vape is turned on, the atomizer heats up to the appropriate temperature and vaporizes the concentrate or oil in the coil head. The vapor can then be inhaled.




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