VIVANT NOMAD is a portable oil or e-juice vape pen with 3 power settings and a portable charging case as an accessory for convenience to travel.


  • 3 Power Levels
  • Mini Charge Port
  • Portable Charge Case
  • 2 Types of Wicking Material- Silica & Cotton
  • Application for both cannabis oil and e-liquid

After learning about the brief introduction of Vivant NOMAD, let’s begin to know how to use it?

VIVANT NOMAD pod with silica and cotton wick

1. Open the mouthpiece and silicone cover from the pod.

2. Fill your cannabis oil (CBD/THC oil) or e-juice with or without nicotine into the pod.

VIVANT NOMAD pod accessory is suitable to fill with cbd/thc oil and e-juice with or without nicotine

3. Close the silicone cover and mouthpiece.

VIVANT NOMAD-hi-tech pod system with auto draw

4. Insert the pod and inhale. NOMAD is auto draw.

How to adjust power setting?

Insert and quickly remove the pod in one movement. LED indicator light will flash from red to yellow to green. Insert the pod back into the NOMAD once the LED light is displaying the appropriate color to your preferred power setting. The LED light will flash 3 times upon inserting the pod to assure you have successfully set your selected power level.

What’s the LED indicator meaning?

VIVANT NOMAD has 3 power levels with LED light indicator

Red Light: Power 2.8V and Battery lower than 9%

VIVANT NOMAD is a hi-tech pod system with 3 power level to enjoy your oil and e-liquid

Yellow Light: Power 3.0V and Battery between 10% to 29%

VIVANT NOMAD is the pod system to fill with cbd,thc oil and different e-liquid with the best price

Green Light: Power 3.3V and Battery between 30% to 100%

How to charge your NOMAD?

Vivant provides 2 useful and convenient charging accessories. The first one is a mini charging port (included in the package) and the second is a portable charging case.

VIVANT NOMAD has a mini charging port included in the package to charge your pod system easily

1. Insert the NOMAD battery into the mini charging port and connect the charging port to any USB interface.

VIVANT NOMAD designs a special accessory- portable charging case for your travel

2. Put your NOMAD into the portable charging case when the battery of the case is full.

You can also check the full video instruction on our YOUTUBE channel. Here is the link.



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