An e-nail, also known as an electronic nail, is a device that is used to heat a dab rig (a device used for vaporizing concentrated oils or dabs-VIVANT dab rigs) to a specific temperature. It eliminates the need for a traditional torch and instead uses electricity to heat the nail. This allows for greater control over the temperature and a safer and more convenient dabbing experience.

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An e-nail typically consists of three main components: a heating element, a temperature control unit, and a power supply. The heating element is typically made of titanium or quartz and is the part that is directly heated to the desired temperature. The temperature control unit allows the user to set and monitor the temperature, and the power supply provides the electricity needed to heat the heating element.

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One of the biggest advantages of an e-nail over a traditional torch is the ability to precisely control the temperature. This allows for a more consistent dabbing experience and can result in a better flavor and smoother hit. Additionally, since e-nails eliminate the need for torch, they are generally considered to be a safer alternative, as there is no open flame involved.

Another advantage of e-nails is that they are more efficient than traditional torches. Since the temperature can be precisely controlled, there is less waste and the heat is distributed more evenly, resulting in a more efficient use of the concentrate.

In terms of cost, e-nails can be more experience than traditional torch setups, but they are also considered to be a long-term investment, as they are more durable and typically have a longer lifespan than traditional torches.

Overall, e-nails offer a number of benefits over traditional torch setups, including improved temperature control, increased safety, and greater efficiency. As the popularity of dabbing continues to grow, it’s likely that e-nails will become an increasingly common tool for vaporizing concentrates.

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VIVANT INCENDIO Kit is an e-nail kit that contains the first tank with an embedded heating element in a glass chamber and comes with a powerful battery and water filter.

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